Sue Everett

Yoga Teacher & Mentor

Unique story – Sue Everett

“My vision is to assist students to go beyond what they thought possible. I am deeply inspired by working with people at all stages of their yoga experience & helping each individual reach their yoga goals.”
~ excerpt from Sue Everett Website

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Sue Everett Website:

Sue is an experienced international Yoga Teacher and Mentor. For well over 30 years, she’s been teaching Iyengar yoga to Yoga students and teachers.

Sue required a WordPress website to showcase her new ‘Sue Everett’ brand and logo. She also wanted to highlight her Yoga Class timetable, Teacher Training Workshops, Mentoring sessions and Retreats.

To begin with, we created the look and feel of Sue’s website, based on the information she had provided. Additionally, we had her new style guide, stunning logo and professional photographs. The website build was over a 4 week period. We included in the design, circular images, waves and subtle animations to accentuate Sue’s philosophy (stillness and movement).

As Sue has experience publishing WordPress content, she was able to write and insert copy herself before the launch.

Social media icons were included on the website, along with a pop-up opt-in form for email newsletter sign ups.

Finally, once the website was launched, we created personalised CMS and email marketing training videos.