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I really really want to say CLASH PALACE is more than just a brand….so I will… CLASH PALACE is open to all humans wishing to don Wearable Art. All T-shirts, beginning as paintings and drawings, are photographed and digitally transferred onto fabric, including a full front and back design.

Your life would be better wearing one. ENJOY

~ excerpt from Clash Palace Fashion

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Get in the Loop has a very close relationship with this creative label. The brainchild of creator Isabella Antonievich. A mixed media artist, stylist, photographer and fashion designer. Isabella is also a musician and lead singer of the band Clash Palace.

From digital prints on T-shirts, fabric patches on sweatshirts, through to hand painted designs on vintage leather jackets. The Clash Palace collection is eclectic with a tongue in cheek sense of humour.

The online store was created on the Shopify platform. Clash Palace wanted a very simple white backdrop to compliment her rich colourful mixed media artwork and products.