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Hi I’m Marie Antonievich

Online creator with Get in the Loop

A little about me

I really enjoy telling other people’s stories with words, photographs, graphics and video.

Since 1997, I’ve been playing in the online space as an online creator – producing and designing large scale corporate and eCommerce websites, intranets, social media and email marketing campaigns. I’ve worked extensively in the tourism, entertainment, fashion, health, university, electronics and hospitality industries.

While I’m not a nerd, I do appreciate and enjoy being around people who are passionate about technology.  And I love working with creative talented people who are excited about what they do.

Most days, I’m creating content, publishing to websites and social media and checking out trends and things that inspire me online.

I’m just as comfortable sitting around a large boardroom table as I am in a cozy beach cafe, listening to inspiring unique stories and brainstorming how Get in the Loop can help.

  • Esha

    In the late 80’s, Paul and I used to perform and write original songs in a band called Esha. Some of them are on YouTube.

Hi I’m Paul Antonievich

Online creator with Get in the Loop

And a bit about me

I love the creative application of technology and really making that work for our customers online.

I continue to stay on top of new and emerging technologies and have always believed in a hands-on approach. It’s a lot more fun.

With a background in music composing, recording, IT, broadcast video and corporate communications, this I believe makes for a unique blend of skills to bring to our customers and their businesses.

From the beginning of the Internet I helped launch Flash in Australia, then toured throughout Asia/Pacific, Japan and the U.S. as a guest speaker for Macromedia/Adobe and other digital media forums.

Alongside Marie, I’ve helped brands like Sony, Telstra, Lend Lease, Acer, Panasonic move into the digital world and in some cases implement a world’s first for their businesses.

Today’s online options for business owners to maximise their growth and profits has never been better… or more distracting and overwhelming! That’s why it’s worth getting a FREE discovery meeting with us first to discuss your business and what you want to achieve with it. I’ll help bring some clarity and achievable steps for you to work with us on.

And when I’m not doing all the above you’ll find me on a surfboard at Bondi.

Good vibrations

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